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Flysurfer foil kites have a number of advantages over LEI kites:
- no bladder, no valves, meaning no pumping, no leaks, none of this, or that, or this, or... a Google search for "kite bladder repair" yields more than 100000 links; valves fail just as much
- foils are not food for ants, as bladders are
- quicker set-up, unquestionably
- no need assistance for launching and landing the kite
- smaller for a given power or wind-range
- much smaller when packed and lighter
- better low wind and up-wind performance, unquestionably
- better hang-time
- quicker water re-launch most of the time, and reverse launch
- various adjustable trims to suit the rider's style
- perfectly suitable for snow and land kiting
- several times the lifespan of an inflatable
- no damages after high impact crash thanks to the blow out valves
- contrary to common belief, they have as much depower and are fast (in particular the Psycho 4) as the best inflatable kites
- no twisting of front lines after loops thanks to the Infinity Bar
- FDS safety allows relaunching after full depower release (flag)
- small 2 kite quiver covers most conditions for the travelling rider thanks to the tremendous wind range
- and last but not least, indeed beautiful kites. Just look at the Silver Arrow or the new DELUXE EDITION kites to be convinced. Furthemore you can have the colours tailored to your choice.
In all fairness, the only drawback is their price, but Flysurfer has no apologies to make; it simply reflects the amount of research in the technology and the quality of the manufacturing and materials. Having said that, in countries where low winds prevail, the FS Speed SA range turn out to be the cheapest of all kites on a per-hour-use basis, such are the number of ridable days extended.
Nautikites would be only too pleased to invite any rider who would be interested in checking the above claims for a proof of the pudding at our base in Phuket or at any Flysurfer center.
Nautikites - Thailand

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