Nautikites can recommend established kite schools who employ experienced instructors specialised in foils and guarantee you a safe start in the  sport and the feeling that you're mastering it right from the word 'go'. They commit to:

• Respect the safety rules
• Teach courses with certified instructors
• Teach with relaunchable kites
• Certify student's level

Novices can learn the basics in courses of 4 to 10 lessons. You start with an introduction to powerkite flying to get used to the kite's power and the technique of handling it, and at the end of the first course unit you should be able to control the kite and cope with its tremendous pull in every situation, and to manage a safe start and landing.

Next you move to a water-relaunchable kite, which has even more pull. You do various exercises with it on the beach, and practice bodydragging on the water and once you've completed this part of the course you' will have done the groundwork for becoming a successful kitesurfer. From now on you'll be in the water: you'll learn to do a waterstart in case you fall in, and you'll have your first go at standing upright on the board.

Kitesurfing is a sport which you can learn really quickly, because all the maneuvers can be simulated on dry land. It may look like a sport for top athletes, but in fact it's easy to learn for anyone with average ability. Of course, if you're already a windsurfer or wakeboarder or do any of the other board sports, then you'll take to kitesurfing even more readily - but it's not necessary to have any previous experience.

By the end of the course the new-born kitesurfer is in full control of the equipment, and you'll have done some planing in the foot straps and maybe even tried your first jumps.
We´ll see you up there ...
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